Tech Excellence Training

Event Storming
(with Domain Driven Design Basics)
with Tobias Goeschel

picture of Tobias

When: May 27-28th 2019
Where: Helsinki, Finland
Price: 1499 euros (+VAT)

This course is a maaretp (2035975-8) production.

What is EventStorming?

EventStorming is a workshop format for exploring complex business domains, created by Alberto Brandolini (ca. 2013). It is both an iterative domain modelling and software design technique, and a collaborative learning activity.

What will I learn?

Participants will experience an EventStorming workshop based on a real life scenario. We will “zoom out” at regular intervals to discuss and reflect on a meta level.

They will:

  • get to know some core concepts of Domain Driven Design
  • learn how to organize and facilitate an EventStorming workshop
  • identify common patterns and anti-patterns
  • acquire tools and techniques to resolve conflicts and keep the group’s energy level up
  • apply concepts from Lean and Theory of Constraints to the domain model: Identify bottlenecks, find cost and value centres
  • progress from domain modelling to software design, leveraging workshop outcomes to create better architectures


EventStorming is a highly dynamic and sometimes surprising format. Because we expect unforeseen things to happen, there isn’t a strict schedule or timetable. But we do have a plan:

Day 1

0. Introduction to Domain Driven Design

Getting the gist of what’s about to happen, and why.

1. Big Picture Event Storming
  • Making the combined knowledge in the room appear on the wall, and starting to discover the domain
  • Common behaviour patterns and dynamics
  • How to address conflict and find agreement
2. The Picture That Explains Everything
  • Progressing from agreement to understanding to insights,
  • Filling the gaps: Creating a readable, coherent model of the business domain
  • Identifying bounded contexts and processes
  • From actors to personas: What do we know about our users?

Day 2

3. Identifying Domain Driven Design building blocks and core concepts

A short, but necessary excursion into strategic domain modelling.

4. Business Process Modelling
  • Identifying and naming (sub-)processes
  • Making the model executable: Defining complete business rules and read models
5. Aggregate Modelling
  • Identifying aggregates and creating the blueprint of a domain model implementation
  • Where to cut, when to combine: How bounded contexts should shape our software design
6. Outlook:
  • What happens then? Some suggestions for tactical design
  • What EventStorming can’t do: Managing customer expectations
  • How and when should I practise? Becoming an EventStorming facilitator

Target audience

Usually people with a background in business analysis, software design, architecture, or group facilitation. Running the workshop requires both people skills and analytic thinking — EventStorming itself is really for everyone: The activities are very intuitive and require no prior training.

About the trainer

Tobias Goeschel is an experienced EventStorming facilitator, with plenty of practical knowledge of Domain Driven Design from many projects, in multiple industries. He has been working in software development as a crafter, consultant and coach for more than twenty years. He is also a frequent participant and speaker at international (un-)conferences, and co-organizes SoCraTes Germany.